On Friday, January 4, 2019, the students, faculty and staff of Portsmouth Abbey School received one last Christmas gift when they returned to campus for the opening of the School’s new $20 million Science Building. The new building is already exceeding all expectations. The six combination labs and classrooms are working beautifully as our biology, chemistry,
physics, and marine biology classes are all engaging in expanded curriculums, including new “hands-on” experiments that were not possible in the old science building. The Student Project Lab has proven to be incredibly popular with our students, who have already initiated independent work in hydroponics, robotics, and GPS and autonomous glider technology. The Science Commons, together with the first- and second floor Informal learning spaces, are providing gathering
spaces for students and faculty before, during, and after the school day for group study and the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences. The new Seminar Room has already hosted a myriad of events ranging from alumni guest speakers for the Mind and Market Investment Club to admissions panels during Closer Look to the Board of Regents’ spring meeting.

Work on the project continued this spring and early summer to complete the exterior hardscape of the building and its surrounding landscape. The new courtyard created on the west side of the building will incorporate 29 new trees, 341 new shrubs and hedges, and 340 new perennials, along with numerous vines,bulbs, and other ground cover. The hardscape will include a new stone terrace overlooking the courtyard that will be ideal for outdoor classes, departmental gatherings, and
alumni events.

As of May 2019, alumni, parents and friends of the School had committed a record setting
total of $15.1 million toward our $20 million goal and we are working hard to
close out the campaign by the end of this summer. While most naming opportunities have been secured, a few remain, including the exclusive opportunity to name the entire building with a $2.5 million gift.

We would be delighted to offer you a personal tour of this space.  Please visit for contact information.