Timothy Muccia '87

In the fall of 1986, future Form IV student Tim Muccia was apprehensive about joining the Portsmouth Abbey community. He would be leaving behind a large, co-ed school for a small, all-boys Catholic boarding school two states away. Fortunately, the transition was smooth. “Wearing a tie and jacket every day and going to class on Saturday mornings took some getting used to,” Tim says, “but we all bonded in our shared experience. The academic rigor, lengthy paper writing and study habits that I learned at Portsmouth Abbey served me very well in my college years in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.”

As a student, Tim played soccer and lacrosse, and has fond memories of his time on and off the field. A favorite story for him and friend Jim Knight ’87 is one where they led their dorm to victory in the overall school flag football tournament. His positive experiences at the School, along with the friends and classmates he keeps in touch with to this day, keep him connected to life on Cory’s Lane. “Despite having lived all over the country since leaving Portsmouth Abbey, I have stayed in contact with a fair amount of friends from school.” In addition to casual social visits, Tim makes sure to attend School events to catch up with classmates – particularly the Abbot’s Reception every December in New York City.

Tim’s experiences while attending and after graduating Portsmouth Abbey helped to shape the person he is today. Because of this, he remains a consistent donor to the School. “I believe in supporting the mission of the School. My experience at Portsmouth benefitted me in many ways – not just academically but also socially and spiritually.” This support has grown recently in the form of a generous multi-year commitment in support of the School’s largest capital initiative to date, the construction of the new science center. “The project will be a meaningful addition to the science department as well as the campus footprint,” Tim says. When classmate Bill Winterer met with Tim to discuss a gift to science, he reflected not only on his memories of the School, but on what the building will mean for students today and in the future. Ultimately, he decided to make a higher level of commitment to the project, taking advantage of the option to spread his gift out over several years. “As the school continues to grow and evolve, it is important for the facilities to do the same,” Tim says. “The future looks bright and I look forward to witnessing the completion of this historic project.”